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Improving Skin Color & Quality in Red Potato Varieties

Introduction Although it has been suspected since early 1900’s that the red pigment necessary for improved skin color was a result of the accumulation of anthocyanins in the outer cells, this was not verified until 1997.  This indicates the complex chemistry involved in these compounds. It is […]

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Internal Brown Spot (Part 2)

Calcium & Membranes In order to illustrate “membrane calcium”, following are diagrams of a cell and cell wall make up.  In the 1st diagram “A” is the cell wall(s), joined together by “B” the middle lamella.  “D” is the membrane as illustrated in the 2nddiagram. It is […]

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Internal Brown Spot (IBS) – Part 1

Introduction Internal brown spot (IBS), also known as internal browning, internal rust spot and/or internal brow fleck is a serious internal defect in potato tubers. It is characterized by small, brown necrotic lesions visible primarily inside the vascular ring in the medullary tissue of the tuber. Furthermore, […]

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Understanding Nutrient Accumulation & Potato Development

The objective of this artilce is to understand the basic development and accumulation of nutrients and compounds for the potato plant.  Much of this publication is based on the information gathered from two outstanding publications on this issue: “Development, growth and chemical composition of the potato crop […]

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